DVLA set for Olympic plate sale


Never one to miss a spectacular marketing opportunity, the DVLA is about to auction some personal number plates with a loose acronymic connection to the London 2012 Olympics.

The plate above is a prime example. It would, of course, also be a suitable gift for Ice Cube.

Plates with a more spurious connection due for sale include GO11 DEN, WON 601D, MEN 100M and CYC 111E.

The DVLA has been named as an official licensee of the London 2012 (whatever that means) and will sell the Olympic-themed plates at London's City Hall in June.

Unusually, the DVLA hasn't released reserve prices for the Olympic plates, so we don't have any indication what they'll go for.

However, with some of the plates spelling out the names of famous members of Team GB, there's a good chance they'll fetch decent money.

Diver Tom Daley might be interested in DA11 LEY, for example, and distance runner Mo Farah may want FA12 RAH. Or not.

And then there's the perfect(ish) plate for a man synonymous with the games, yet distinctly non-athletic - good old Mayor Boris. He could put BOR 15X on his, erm, electric bicycle. Seb Coe is catered for, too, with SEB 60E.

"We are extremely proud at being appointed as an official licensee of the 2012 Olympics and we are celebrating the occasion in the best way possible, by staging a truly magnificent auction," said DVLA events manager Jody Davis. Roughly translated, that means "cha ching!"

Other plates on sale during the July 7th auction include WE11 OFF (£1,500 reserve), SM11 THS (£3,000), TW11 TER (£1,000), HO11 AND (£2,000) and our favourite, HOT 80B, which has a ludicrously low £350.