Iconic Peugeot 205 GTI is reborn


An independent Peugeot specialist has decided, 28 years after its launch, to release an update programme for the 205 GTI.

Pug1off's idea is to bring the performance of the pocket-rocket into the 21st century, by fitting the 167bhp engine from the 1990s 306 GTI in place of the original 1.6 (105/115bhp) or 1.9 (120/130bhp). The conversion costs £2220, but that is only the start.
The 306 engine can be upgraded to 195 bhp, the five-speed gearbox can be replaced by the 306 six-speed unit, the brakes can be upgraded to 206 GTI stoppers and the suspension can be changed to near-Group N rally specification. If you want every major upgrade, you are looking at a price of around £10,000, which is quite a lot to spend on a 1980s hot hatch.

However, it is a measure of the affection in which 205 GTIs are held that there is probably a market for this conversion. Peugeot themselves were recently quoted in Autocar as saying that they have not finally committed to a properly quick 208 GTI. Their view is that unless they can build the best small hot hatch, they won't bother. One way of looking at it would be, "Can we build a car so good that in 2030 will people want to upgrade it?"