Suzuki Alto goes VED-free


Suzuki has fiddled with the Alto so that it becomes the latest city car to be VED- and London C-Charge exempt. Nice to know.

The reduction has come by fiddling with the engine block, adding Dual Variable Valve Timing (VVT), which not only lowers emissions and improves consumption, but makes the engine feel more responsive as well, says Suzuki.

It means the 1.0-litre engine drops from 104g/km to 99g/km, so owners need never pay VED or the London Congestion Charge, should the latter be a concern (because some people in the UK don't live near London, it transpires).

Nonetheless, Suzuki says that the change will save the average City commuter £2,600 per year. In effect, then, some City Slicker buying a base model Alto SZ at £6,995 will see the car pay for itself well within three years.

The car's fuel economy is 65.7mpg.

The Alto isn't due a facelift yet, but with the engine change Suzuki has introduced a couple of new colours - both shades of grey, one for the interior and one for the exterior.

It's on sale now.