Russia kills off the Lada...while Lada nearly kills a Russian (video)


After more than four decades in production, the legendary Lada is about to be killed off because sales are becoming the joke.

We've all heard a hundred gags about the Russian brand (What do you call a Lada at the top of a hill? A miracle. BAZING!), but in its home turf the cars have continued to sell like dirty western cheeseburgers for decades.

Introduced in 1970 as the VAZ-2101 Zhiguli saloon, it became a synonymous with Soviet Russia, and has remained popular in its home country - despite being to the car industry what VHS is to home cinema today. Ladas have a reputation for this sort of thing.

But a whopping 76% sales dip in the first quarter of 2012 has prompted maker AvtoVAZ to declare "it's time to say goodbye," according to The Sun.

So, in homage to the three box commie legend, here's a video posted to YouTube recently, showing a Lada at its inexplicable best. No need to say any more...