Russian doctor snaps and goes on dodgem rampage in car showroom


The video below shows a Russian, reportedly a gynecologist, having a very expensive tantrum at a Nissan dealership.

According to The Telegraph, 40-year-old Dr Kustov Michael had waited at the dealership for a good 20 minutes after being told that his Nissan Navara, which had been in for repairs, would be ready to drive away.

But that was too long to wait for this doctor on the edge, because, after finishing a cigarette, he got into the Suzuki Grand Vitara he'd arrived in (possibly a courtesy car), drove it into the showroom through the widow, and set about exacting revenge by playing a solo game of dodgems.

Thankfully nobody was injured. The man was arrested after his Suzuki got stuck.

This isn't our favourite meltdown of today, though. This is.