Pimp my Yeti: Skoda does another brilliant ad


Skoda has roped rapper XZibit into making a spoof of the original Pimp My Ride show - which he presented - for its latest ad. Genuine lolz.

The ad sees X-Ta-Tha-Z taking charge of Czech Coast Customs (WCC), in homage to West Coast Customs, the car tuning company whose creations starred in the MTV programme. If you don't know Pimp My Ride, WCC, or The X Man, the advert won't be that funny, and you should probably watch something else. Like this.

Whoever Skoda is paying to do its ads deserves a rise, we say, because this is the latest in a string of brilliant adverts from the company. You'll remember the cake one.

The more recent More Colours, More Fun advert (the drum one) - still running on TV now - is pretty impressive, too. It's no gorilla playing drums, natch, but then what is? Apart from this sensational piece of automotive selling, obviously.

Anyway, here's the 100% gangsta Skoda ad...