Jet fuel Hilux does 6,000-mile Antarctic journey


A Toyota Hilux running on jet fuel has managed to complete a 5,900-mile journey across the Antarctic - further than any pick-up has gone there before.

It means the car - which is famous for being 'invincible' despite Top Gear's best attempts to destroy one - has reached the Magnetic North and South Poles.

Toyota reports that the car did the 6,000-odd mile trek "without a single technical hitch," despite coming across temperatures sinking to -50 degrees, and over 3,400m altitudes.

Obviously this wasn't a standard, showroom spec Hilux. It had been pimped by specialists Arctic Trucks to withstand the extremes, including a jet fuel conversion to prevent frozen diesel ruining the whole thing.

Other mods included fitment of a crane (pictured), a 280-litre fuel tank, strengthened suspension to cope with the extra weight, crawler gears for the transmission, and huge tyres with enormous sidewalls.

In fact, three Hilux were converted, with the trio completing the expedition together, between November 2011 and February 2012.

No doubt Top Gear is negotiating for all three of them as we type, so they can take them to the moon and use them to drive over caravans and things. Then blow them up accidentally on purpose. Then alter the lunar orbit around the earth, for a laugh, causing a major global meteorological catastrophe. And all for under £100.