Video: World doughnut making record smashed


The Guinness World record for the number of simultaneous doughnuts has been broken. And you thought it would never happen.

While not as spectacular as this doughnut-based record, the automotive ballet is still fairly impressive to watch.

The group of 75 drift types took their cars to Northern California's famous Infineon Raceway and did their thing.

Each is a member of the Raceway's weekly drifting club, Sonoma Drift, which takes wannabe tyre-shredders off the streets and gives them a safer place to hoon.

While they were at it one week, it seemed to make sense to break the world record for circular car dancing, which was held by the Aussies: in 2010, 57 cars had done the same thing in Queensland.

Check it out for yourself. It'd be nice for a group of 76 or more Brits to have a go at beating it, don't you think?