Top Gear says it'll do anything for 15m Facebook fans


Having achieved the 10m Facebook fans milestone and destroyed a caravan as an explosive thanks, Top Gear is now looking to reach its next big milestone: 15m fans.

To ensure it achieves the mammoth official (on Facebook) fan base, the TG team has said it will do will do anything for love, in effect.

But is there a Meatloaf clause in this particular (Facebook) contract? Is there anything that Top Gear won't do?

The answer is definitely yes. Top Gear is very good at acting tough - tough enough to blow up an empty old caravan - but imagine if, say, someone suggested it blow up a brand new Bugatti Veryon? Imagine how furiously the 'we pay our TV licences' brigade would react to that?

Still, Top Gear is after ideas, and has so far received some good ones, like powersliding 15 cars worth £1,000,000 together.

There's no doubt that it will achieve its 15m what would you like to see?

For inspiration, here's the the exploding caravan video...