Geneva Motor Show: What you thought


Many cars were unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. Some were fast, others slow. Some big, some small. Some were beautiful, others were that Bentley.

Cars always divide opinion, so we thought it best to have a look through our coverage and see what you, our readers, thought of this year's offering. The results might just surprise you, actually.

In some cases a new Ferrari is like presenting a very thirsty man with a gallon of water – invaluable. The updated California, then, should have been cause for excitement, but for some commenters it wasn't 'all that'.

Fcandgp said: "It look like a Peugeot... firstly Peugeot produce cars that imitate Ferrari, now Ferrari imitate Peugeot?"

Jacquieb2 wasn't happy with the aesthetics: "Think my Jaguar XK8 is prettier!!"

Kennethtop was little more enthused: "i want 1"

Sports cars are a staple of any motor show, but when we revealed that the next generation Mazda MX-5 (not pictured above) may not stick to its rear-wheel-drive/front engine formula some of you were a touch concerned.

Ian Weaver's not best pleased: "I had an R reg a few years ago and it was superb,to go fwd would be to ruin a super little car."

Llesclarke missed the point somewhat: "a BMW M5 is much better"

Aquarodent2, however, made a very valid point: "Look at the Lotus it copied! Went front wheel drive and did'nt sell, Keep it rear wheel & try to lose the hairdresser image, get it more honda s2000"

All electric cars need to charge, usually for a long time and most of them require lengthy cables to ge the juice from plug to car. Unless you're in a Tata Megapixel, which is a range extended EV (like the Chevy Volt) that uses an wireless induction plate to charge its batteries while its parked. Clever stuff. You all seemed to like it, too.

Bhullarms is keen: "Want one asap!"

Alzys177 praised its design: "Really like it, nice bold modern design, nice to see someone pushing foward design .."

Pioneerwilsford has once concern: "I v'e got to say that it looks like a nice,cheap to run,little motor but, and here is the rub, will it cost the same as a mid range luxury car like the Nissan,toyota and honda do, if so you can keep it."

The MINI Countryman
has always been an opinion divider, so why would the JCW version cause anything but a headache? It's very fast, but is it a proper MINI? You didn't seem to think so.

Rlines7947 isn't a fan of its looks: "Every one lovingly smacked with the ugly stick as it leavs the factory. The stylists must have really hated their job..."

Tholmes35 isn't a fan either: "I would rather caress and then lick my grandmothers bunions than drive a mini! Terrible cars ! Hairdressers will love it tho!"

Edwardjonfinla opines on what the original Mini's designer would have thought: "It's hideous! I guarantee that Alec Issigonis would be spinning in his grave. My Dad would have the very same opinion."

Mercedes' new A Class had its world debut in Geneva. Some love it, some loathe it – you guys thought it was a tad... generic.

RonSwiss commented: "First glance, looks like a Hyundai"

Steven thought: "Looks just like an Astra"

The car that garnered the biggest reaction was, of course, the Bentley EXP 9 F concept SUV. It's big, polluting and a great example of automotive vulgarity. Bizarrely, your reactions were mixed.

Keithmullarney shouted: "WHERE DO I PLACE MY ORDER"

Chris Ferguson didn't approve at all: "It's hideous... Seriously bentley stick to what your good at and leave this in the bin..."

Chrisbagly seemed to connect nail and head rather neatly: "It has all the aerodynamics and grace of..................a breeze block and fuel economy of a ..................jumbo jet."

Rayelliott01, your Clarkson impression is forgiven: "its not often i post on here.. Forgive the Clarkson impression !! Who in the Name of God Designed this? So lets hand it over to The stig... The Stig turns and walks away shaking his head in Silence kicking Lambs
No lambs were hurt whilst typing :-) but that has to hurt the eyes of anyone who likes cars"

Steve Miller's not best pleased with it either: "Pretty disgusting & obscene that something this ugly, expensive and dirty is made purely to pander to filthy rich folk wanting to get from A to B.
Why would they want to spend so much on this rubbish when they could spend it helping others that have nothing."

Martinhollands raises a valid point: "Looks like a London Taxi with bling!"

As does griggtma1: "its an overgrown Dalek!!!!!"

Northwestged appears to like it: "I think it looks good and is a change from the boring Cayanne. only one problem with it, steering wheel is on the wrong side , bl**dy Germans"

We'll let ricrasd have the last word on it for now: "ugh!"