Geneva Motor Show: Tuners modify the MP4-12C with questionable results

Tuned McLaren MP4-12C Geneva Motor Show
The Geneva Motor Show isn't just about new models and launches, there are also the tuners displaying their mild to wild creations alongside the mainstream manufacturers.

These tuners have managed to carve their own niche, catering for the uber rich. These are buyers who might like a particular production supercar, but want something faster and more bespoke than the manufacturer can produce.

Sadly, more money and exclusivity doesn't usually equal good taste. On top of massive power hikes, usual features include questionable colour schemes and tacked on, poorly executed bodykits.

Every year, without fail, it seems there's one supercar that the majority of tuners must modify and modify badly!

This year it seems that McLaren has been doing good business, with its subtle but brilliant supercar, the MP4-12C getting the treatment from most of the major tuners. See what you think of the modified McLarens in the gallery below and if you disagree make sure you let us know.

Modified McLaren MP4-12Cs at Geneva

Modified McLaren MP4-12Cs at Geneva