Mansory makes a 'special' McLaren MP4-12C


Famed tuner Mansory - famed for making some of the world's most exceptional cars look absolutely disgusting - has turned its attention to the McLaren MP4-12C supercar.

The German car decorator, whose penchant for carbon fibre borders on clinically insane, will take its version of the McLaren MP4-12C to the Geneva Motor Show.

It's unlikely to get its own press conference and subsequent photographer scrum, like the Ferrari F12 will. Instead, it will sit alone on a stand, like a really ugly caged chimp in a zoo full of koalas and pandas, occasionally being pictured for hilarious Twitter posts, and for 'Geneva Hall of Shame' galleries on the internet.

Once again, Mansory has rocked up to its carbon fibre dealer with an articulated lorry and a request to "fill her up". The splitter, diffuser, sills, bonnet, air vents, side mirrors, roof and rear wing are all made of the stuff - and that's just what we can see.

The gold-tinted wheels are lighter than the stock rims, 20-inches wide at the front and 21 at the back.

Mansory claims that the new sills "[steady] the airflow between the two axles," suggesting that McLaren's very extensive, very expensive, F1-inspired aerodynamic work is so deficient as to be remediable with a glued-on strip of carbon.

All the carbon reduces the McLaren's weight and increases downforce, says Mansory, so even without any engine work the McLaren would be quicker, better handling and more fuel-efficient, in theory.

But, as it happens, Mansory has gone beyond the carbon, adding a new exhaust and air filter, and fiddling with the 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8's ECU to unlock more power.

The result is 661bhp, up from 592, and with a similar torque hike. There's no announcement on the 0-62mph time (which is 3.3 seconds in the standard car), but the top speed goes up to a mesmerizing 219mph.

Naturally, the inside gets a full carbon makeover, although Mansory hasn't shown us any pictures yet. That's probably because the car's still being frantically finished as we speak - the images you see here are clearly CGI.

Search for #mansory on Twitter over the coming days to see genuine pictures of the car, no doubt accompanied by all manner of expletives.