Techart creates ultimate new Porsche 911...for now


Ever wondered what Wiz Khalifa's Porsche might look like? Well wonder no know what it is.

Here's the very black and yellow Techart Porsche 911, due to appear at the Geneva Motor Show as one of many hideous bespoke makeovers of the brand new supercoupé, no doubt.

Techart is well versed in making Porsches look more aggressive and making them cost more, but this is the first time it's turned its hand to the new 991-generation 911, which has only been on sale for a couple of months. (Some hapless soul has already crashed one.)

The conversion is mostly cosmetic, although there is a new exhaust system that Techart says enhances the 911's note, but not its power.

The wheels, which are 15 percent lighter than the stock ones, are a nice shortcut to better handling, says Techart, and come in 20- or 21-inch widths.

But this makeover is mostly about show, and to that end it features an all-encompassing body kit, including a two-bit front bumper, new side skirts, and a fixed rear wing with an integrated brake light.

The front splitter makes makes the car appear lower...well, it actually is lower, which is to say it makes the car less good at being parked on kerbs.

The low rear diffuser hamstrings 911 owners that can't park courteously, too, while also improving aerodynamics, making it much easier to tailgate slowcoaches and the elderly.

Techart is a relatively boutique styling and tuning company, so as ever with these things, it's more a case of a moneyed customer going there and presenting some ideas and a blank cheque. Show cars like this one are just that - examples of what can be done.

In this case, Techart has decked the interior in leather and quilted alcantara, all black and with contrasting yellow stitching. Some of the plastic trim is replaced with carbon fibre.

The kit, which is compatible with both the Carrera and Carrera S 911 models, is available now.