Nissan Hi-Cross concept teased


Usually when a manufacturer wants to tease a new product it will tell you a little about it – whether it's electric, sporty, big, small, able to sing, etc, etc. But that's what the established kids do, not Nissan.

Oh no, rather than not say anything about its new Hi-Cross concept and have a nice, shiny surprise waiting for us come Geneva Show time, the Japanese brand released the image above and this short statement:
"Nissan is the undisputed leader in the crossover segment. See how it is exploring ideas to expand its award-winning range at the Geneva Motor Show, 6th March."

Now, what the firm is essentially saying is: "We've made a car that looks like a ghost, see if it's going to be any good at Geneva."

Alright, Nissan, it's worked. We'll be watching closely on show day...