Prindiville Defender does gangsta, post-war style


The pimp-spec Land Rover you see above is the Prindiville Defender, a very limited and very expensive conversion of the post-war classic, customised right here in the UK.

Prindiville Design is a London-based coachbuilder more used to working with top end supercars than utilitarian 4x4s. See the video below for details.

But this Defender, far from just having a body kit attached and some quilted leather thrown into it in the tradition of some design houses, has had a comprehensive overhaul incorporating performance enhancements.

Limited to 25 worldwide (which is probably based on an estimate of demand, but whatever), every buyer gets a choice of four incremental power upgrades, up to a 190bhp maximum; the Defender 90 on which it's based, bear in mind, has a 120bhp four-cylinder diesel.

A high-flow intercooler, new turbo and new hoses account for much of the power hike, and Prindiville will even hoist out the transmission and replace it for a tiptronic auto 'box, if you fancy.

The 190bhp version hits 60mph in ten seconds flat (presumably with the six-speed manual gearbox intact, that is), making it 4.7 seconds quicker to the benchmark than the standard car. But still pretty slow, in the grand scheme.

Not to worry, for it's a little beast to look at...and so it should be, because at £52,000 excluding tax, it's twice the price of a standard Defender, and more than a top-of-the-range Discovery 4.

For that, buyers are getting (aside from the exclusivity, natch) a set of black 18-inch alloys, a high-performance braking upgrade featuring six-pot callipers, bespoke springs "to allow greater vehicle speed and stability," and a choice of paint finishes for no extra cost, including matte ones.

A titanium exhaust replaces the standard item, there's a body kit including chrome side runners, as well as LED front and rear lights, front and back parking sensors, and a reversing camera.

Inside there's a set of Italian leather Cobra sports seats (Italy has ALL the best cows), a leather steering wheel rim, Alcantara carpets, a numbered aluminium plaque and a custom storage box incorporated into the dash. Oh, and a five-inch TV screen with integrated wireless internet and a surround sound system.

But for a more exotic example of Prindiville's work, enjoy this video of the Prindiville Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4, brilliantly and incongruously narrated by an American who sounds like his day job is overdubbing film trailers...