Video: Veyron owner drives to 225mph


A daring Bugatti Veyron owner claims to have videoed himself (with the help of a friend) driving through America at speeds up to 225mph.

The Veyron is capable of more than that, of course, but the owner who posted this YouTube video says he kept the car in 'low speed' handling mode because the road surfaces weren't ideal.

The video is ostensibly shot on a public road between Arizona and Mexico, meaning it's probably Interstate 8, and the driver claims he got to the border and back on one tank of fuel "due to [the Veyron's] 26-gallon tank and incredible economy."

Incredible economy? Well, we suppose 11.7mpg combined is incredible in a way.

At no point does the driver show the speedometer to validate his 225mph claim, although if you check the various bits of drive-by footage, it does appear the car's going extremely quickly.

Make of it what you will - we're as cynical as you probably are, and a bit baffled by it, but feel it's worth showing. If it doesn't seem like it's for you, fair enough - here's the best Veyron video ever, instead. (Language NSFW.)

And turn the horrible soundtrack off if you don't wish to become trapped in a bizarre mind warp of the budget '70s horror B-movie kind.