Sorry dad, I sank your prized Capri

Ford Capri Perana crash George Miedecke
We expect the conversation between rally driver George Miedecke and his dad was a heated one, after he crashed his father's prized 1970 Ford Capri Perana.

According to a report in the Metro Newspaper, the 25-year old was allowed to compete in the Targa Wrest Point Rally in Tasmania, Australia on condition that he didn't finish second and promised to bring the Ford home in one piece.

Australian Ford Capri rally crash

Australian Ford Capri rally crash

Sadly, George broke both of these conditions after he lost control of the classic car, then careered down a hill and ended up in sea. On top of this, he also hit a competitor's Subaru that had crashed in the same place just minutes before.

Check out the spectacular crash below: