Video: This is why we love Le Mans


If ever you find yourself thinking that watching cars drive around a really long track for a really long time could be boring, this video is the antidote. This highlight reel of the 24 Heures du Le Mans will remind you why endurance racing rocks.

The 2012 race doesn't start until June (the 16th at 3pm to be precise) but the organisers are already indulging in some pre-race rabble-rousing. This video, released at an official press conference, does just that.

The three-minute nostalgia trip goes back to the beginnings of the iconic 24-hour race, cataloguing some of its finest, most high-octane highlights.

We especially like the moment at 0:30 showing the competitors running across the track to get into their cars - the sort of race start we imagine was conceived after consuming a lot of fermented grape juice.

This year's Le Mans will se the re-introduction of Toyota with the first hybrid LMP1 ever to enter the race...well, it was the first, until Audi went and said it would be entering a hybrid too, a couple of days ago.

Peugeot, sadly, won't be entering anything, having decided to pull out for financial reasons.

But hey, at least Lotus will be there, and probably with a celebrity driver, because that's how Lotus rolls these days. Should be good.