100mph mobile pool table...give us a break!

triangle billiards car pool table
Ever fancied something different for your stag party, but don't know where to look?

Well, this mobile pool table available for hire from Triangle Billiards, Inc. could be just the trick. It's a fully driveable car that can reach 100mph with a detachable pool table on the back, making it easy to stop at the side of the road and bring your game up to scratch.

Now, here's the clever bit: even when the car has been driven for a hundred miles, a high-tech calibrating system ensures that you have a completely flat surface on which to play.

The cues are handily stored in holders on the doors and the neat detailing on the side makes this car all the more special.

We just hope they remember to put the cover on when it rains.

Check out the gallery below for more pictures.

100mph mobile pool table

100mph mobile pool table