Speeding fines to rise to £100?

Speed camera
Justice Minister Ken Clarke is set to rise speeding fines to £100 to help pay for victim support programmes.

The minister is set to rise the price not only of speeding fines but the fine for jumping a red light as well.

Currently the fine stands at £60 and three penalty points. The extra £40 will go towards a fund to support victims of crime, rather than to the government.

In 2010 the government reduced cash for speed cameras to support ending the 'war on motorists'.

This happens after local authorities have been given the authority to turn their cameras off if they so choose. They can remove all the cameras, get rid of a few in low-risk areas or keep them all and absorb the delicious money that people driving too fast have to give them.

There's a simple solution to avoiding the raised fines – don't speed. It's not hard and, to be honest, we shouldn't complain. Yes, if the government threatened to relieve us of our right feet for speeding then we could complain that the punishment doesn't fit the crime. But they're not – they're threatening something far more precious: our wallets. Time to stay slow, motorists.

Source: MotorTorque