ShelbySuperCars undergoes name change

Shelby SuperCars, better known as SSC, makes very very fast cars. Its first effort, the Ultimate Aero TT, was pig ugly but took the Bugatti Veyron's 'fastest car eva' title, causing the firm to release the Veyron SuperSports. Shelby SuperCars' latest, the Tuatara, is set to steal the SuperSports' title back. Just for fun.

Anyway, the first word in Shelby SuperCars' name may sound familiar – though it's not the work of Cobra and Ford legend Carroll Shelby. It is in fact the work of a chap called Jerod Shelby, no relation to the great Carroll.

It seems that Carroll isn't a fan of having two car companies bearing the Shelby name and only owning one of them, so reached a settlement (via Carroll Shelby Licensing and its parent company Carroll Shelby International) with Jarod's company to change its name.

The company will now be called SSC North America and will continue to produce the 1,350bhp Tuatara hypercar and will, probably, expand its product line as time goes on.

Source: Autoblog US