Toyota launches iQ custom programme


Toyota has launched a customisation programme for its itty bitty iQ city car.

The distinctive city car looks pretty cool as it is, but Toyota is now offering a number of options to spruce up your ride. The idea isn't new – MINI's been doing it for over a decade now, and you can have a Citroen DS3 Racing with or without bright stickers.
A number of decals are available to make your iQ stand out even more, though the more colourful of them to look a little... 90's graffiti chic. Dubbed Swirl (a multi colour swirl, funnily enough), Box (lots of boxes), Bloom (flowers...), Pulse (grey swooshes) and Aqua (bubbles), each will make your motor look a bit brighter.

Toyota's got a few options for the inside as well. There are now six fresh leather choices to pick.

Breathe in, it's a long (ish) list. You can have: black leather with platinum fillets and stitching, platinum leather with black fillets and stitching, red leather with platinum fillets and stitching, black leather with Electric Blue fillets and stitching with an iQ logo on the headrest, black and Burnt Orange fillets and stitching with an iQ logo or a Lady Whiplash inspired black leather with red fillets and stitching with an iQ logo on your headrests.

Custom Toyota iQ models

Custom Toyota iQ models

Now, all of this isn't free. Unless you're a handy haggler you'll have to set aside some extra penga on top of the iQ's £10,655 entry fee. Roof decals will set you back £180, while side stickers are £200. Want some jazzy leather? That's £775 of your heard earned. Thankfully it's all covered by Toyota's 5-year, 100,000 mile warranty.

If you've already got an iQ and want to get your sticker on you'll be left wanting as the scheme is only available for new car purchases.