Bradford takes hit in car insurance postcode lottery

Drivers yet again felt the pinch with rising car insurance costs last year. According to comparison site, the average price of a comprehensive policy rose 4.9% in 2011 while third party, fire and theft (tpft) cover increased by 10.2%.

Based on 4 million quotes, the report found that residents in Bradford were the worst hit for car insurance price hikes, when premiums quoted by insurance companies rocketed by 17.1%.

Drivers living in Oldham suffered the next highest price rise at 14.8%, followed by the rest of Manchester at 14.4%.

The average cost of a comprehensive policy at the end of 2011 stood at £844, but it is no surprise that younger drivers paid the highest price, with the average 17-20 year old shelling out an eye-watering £2,590 to insure a car.

Scottish motorists managed to dodge the price hikes and residents in Falkirk and Edinburgh benefitted from a 4.6% and 3.7% fall in premiums, the biggest in the UK.

Developments this year could well see premiums fall for more drivers, as black box technology is likely to become more prevalent.

Other changes could well see a fluctuation in quotes. According to said Gareth Kloet, from, "The introduction of the EU legislation on gender due at the end of this year will mean that insurance cannot be priced according to gender."

Postcodes with fastest rising prices in 2011:

Bradford: 17.1%
Oldham: 14.8%
Manchester: 14.4%
Ilford: 13.1%
Blackburn: 12.9%
Halifax: 12.7%
Liverpool: 12.6%
Birmingham: 12.3%
London East: 11.9%
Bolton: 11.7%

Postcodes with biggest fall in prices in 2011:

Falkirk: -4.6%
Edinburgh: -3.7%
Dundee: -3.5%
Inverness: -3.3%
Paisley: -3.2%
Aberdeen: -2.6%
Kirkcaidy: -2.6%
Exeter: -2.3%
Torquay: -2.2%
Gloucester: -2.2%