The best motoring apps for iPad

Road Inc.
With over 140,000 apps available exclusively for the iPad, it's easy to get distracted by stuff that you don't really want. Luckily, there are some real gems available in the App Store for motoring enthusiasts and most of them are free or very cheap. Here's a look at some of the best and, as always, please add your own suggestions below.

Road Inc.
Road Inc.

Available for a limited time at just 69p, this is the best app I have by far. It is a mini encyclopaedia of some of the most influential cars in history and is crammed full of detail. With 50 exquisitely detailed cars showcased on a 3D turntable, you can rotate them, listen to their engines, learn the history behind the design, watch videos and view hi-res photos as well as access technical specifications all on an easy to use platform whilst a selection of carefully chosen soundtracks make it feel like a mini showroom. The app is so vast that is almost impossible just to give it a cursory glance. My favourite cars include the 1965 Austin Cooper S and the 1966 Citroen DS 21 because of the sheer amount of technical data that comes with the packages. This should be the first app that any car lover downloads.

Auto Trader

A worthwhile addition to the wesbite, this free app is intuitive and quickly finds you results without a fuss. The 'My Garage' feature allows you to store up to 4 cars at once to compare them before making your decision and you can quickly adjust the price with the slider at the bottom to change the results instantly.

MPG Calc Free
While it lacks a pretty interface, this simple app lets you keep on top of your motor's MPG quickly and easily. You simply type in the miles driven and litres of fuel used to calculate the MPG for that trip. You can then analyse the results on a simple graph to see how your car is doing on fuel over any given time. More cars can be added to the app and you can tweet your results.

Sports Car

Driving games on the Ipad can be twitchy with bad graphics and hard controls. Luckily, there are some exceptions. Sports Car is one of the better games, featuring a good selection of super cars to choose from that can be customised. On the free version, there are three game modes in which you can post up you times on the game center and see how fast you are compared to the rest of the world. This app has refreshingly crisp graphics and responsive controls, making it good fun if you want to enjoy a quick game before work.

MB Classic
MB Classic

Whilst downloading this app, I thought it may just be one big advert for the Mercedes-Benz product range. Luckily, it's much more than that. In fact, the best way to describe it is a free guide to everything in the museum, from exhibits to car clubs and owner's stories. Each exhibit has a photo and an audio clip explaining the history behind the model, making this app a worthwhile reference point for anyone interested in the oldest automotive brand in the world.

Rolls-Royce Phantom

More of a fun way to get creative, this app is perfect for those boring train rides or long lunchtimes. You can create a Rolls-Royce Phantom model to tailor your exact personal specification and share the image with friends via email or on Facebook. Bespoke options include the paint which can be matched to any colour you so wish, the interior carpets, dashboard veneer and two-tone seat colours. In the Phantom Coupe, a starlight headlining is also available. Once you've finished creating your perfect Rolls, you can view a 360 degree model and send it to your nearest dealer. We only recommend this if you can actually afford to pay for it though. The app also has an integrated Youtube channel and detailed gallery. We can but only dream...