Citroen DS5 meets: Concorde

Citroen DS5 and Concorde
Citroen's DS range is a rather novel invention. The DS3 has been a fantastic success, the DS4 is a bit odd to look at and the new DS5 cuts a rather fine figure.

The original DS is still a much celebrated motor, and popping a 'DS' badge on a modified C3 did upset some people when the French firm first brokered the idea. However, the Citroen freaks were calmed when they saw the product, so it was all a bit of a fuss over nothing. Silly people.

Anyway, Citroen's latest, the DS5 will be released in the UK next year and is apparently full of aeronautical design cues. For example, there are switches in the roof and even a heads up display. Which, clearly, translates as "aeroplane".

To that end, and with some pestering from the C-Forum Citroen fan club (oh yes, that's a real thing), Citroen took a DS5 to meet is spiritual ancestor – Concorde.

Thankfully, top snapper Laurent Nivalle was there to document it with some stunning photos. Citroen also saw fit to pop some ye olde press shots of the original DS meeting Concorde, too. Presumably so you can see how awesome it was. Click through the gallery below and enjoy.

Citroen DS5 meets Concorde

Citroen DS5 meets Concorde