Jaguar supercars in action on UK roads

Jaguar XJ220
The Jaguar XJ220 was a supercar that arrived at the wrong time. Originally a concept shown at the British Motor Show at Birmingham in 1988, it boasted a quad-cam V12 from the XJR-9 racer and four-wheel drive.

Sadly, by the time the first customers took delivery in July 1992, the four-wheel drive was long gone. The V12 had been replaced with a V6 engine, based on one fitted in of all things, a MG Metro 6R4!

All the mechanical changes, a hike in the list price from £361,000 to £460,000, plus the global recession saw speculators try to back out of their orders and this left Jaguar with plenty of unsold XJ220s.

Whilst it might have its faults, I still think the Jaguar XJ220 is a stunning supercar. I still remember how impressed I was when I watched Tiff Needell hoon one round Oulton Park on an old episode of Top Gear.

So imagine my delight when I found this video which shows a trip to Silverstone with not one but four XJ220's and even a road-going version of the ultra-rare XJR-15 race car.

Check out the video of these Jaguar supercars in action on British roads and track. Turn up your speakers loud to hear the sound of the XJ220 V6 starting from cold: