Ferrar-ink: F430 Scuderia gets amazing tattoo

Ferrari tattoo
French artist Philippe Pasqua has created an amazing tattooed Ferrari by covering the car in skin-tone leather then getting to work inking it, Japanese style.

The inked FerrariF430 Scuderia is currently on display at the Gelerie Laurent Strouk in Paris, and features some of the most intricately detailed decoration ever applied to a car.

Wrapping a car in vinyl is tricky enough, but this Ferrari has been painstakingly covered in genuine leather - even around the wing mirrors - before having a mural 'tattooed' onto it.

The design features motifs typical of Japanese tattooing, including a large dragon, cherry blossom leaves, lotus flowers, representations of water and skulls drawn in Pasqua's signature style.

The Paris gallery display is open until 14 January, and features the Ferrari attached sideways to a wall, so the work can be fully appreciated.

That also means that visitors can get a good look at the F430 Scuderia's original work of art - its exposed V8 engine. The 4.3-litre unit develops 508bhp at 8,500rpm, sending the car to 62mph in 3.6 seconds. Well, not this particular car, for now.

It's unknown whether Pasqua will sell the Ferrari when the exhibition is over, but whoever buys it might want to consider Scotchguarding it before taking it anywhere.

Ferrari 430 Scuderia tattoo

Ferrari 430 Scuderia tattoo