Tescoptimus Prime delivers Transformers to the masses


This year Michael Bay released another Transformers movie, Dark of the Moon. It was a bit of a hit with grown ups, children and bored students alike.

With Christmas is around the corner Mr Bay has released the film on DVD. However, before they appear on the shelves DVDs need to get from depot to store – enter Paul Tremaine, Transformers fan and lorry driver.

Paul asked his bosses whether he could pimp his rig to celebrate the film's transition from the silver screen to DVD. Oddly, his bosses said yes and, in collaboration with Paramount Home Entertainment, gave his rig a light aesthetic change: lo, Tescoptimus Prime was born.

Tremiane commented: "I am really excited to get Tescoptimus Prime on the road. It's great that the hard work that us HGV drivers put in has been recognised by Tesco and Paramount Home Entertainment giving us a bit of fun and excitement in the run up to our busiest time of year."

The rig will be on the road from now until January 2012 and will be making the first delivery of Transformers: Dark of the Moon deliveries in time for the DVD's 28th November release.