A 200mph Mustang has happened. It looks sensational.


The 2013 Mustang Shelby GT500 has landed, and my isn't it something. Going on sale in 2012 (yeah, we know), the GT500 comes with 650bhp and the promise of a 200mph+ top speed.

Under the bonnet lies a 5.8-litre supercharged V8 which pushes out not only 650bhp, but 600lb ft as well.

Ford claims that all this power means the 'Stang will hit 200mph or more with ease. A 0-62mph time of under five seconds is pretty much a given, too.

Improvements made over the old, comparatively gutless, 540bhp GT500 include a more efficient (not to mention bigger) supercharger, a carbon fibre driveshaft, cross-drilled block and heads, updated camshaft profiles, a fettled clutch, a new transmission and a lengthened final drive ratio to keep the car's massive power in check.

External changes see the GT500's aerodynamics improved, too. The front fascia and splitters have been changed to cope with 200mph, and as a result it now handles better at high speed.

Ford is offering two performance-enhancing packs for the car. The Performance pack offers Bilstein adjustable dampers and a Torsen limited-slip differential (better than a live axle any day).

And if you want to take your car on the track, Ford is offering a Track pack to enhance your experience. If you choose to take Ford up on the offer you get an external engine oil cooler, a rear differential cooler and a transmission cooler. Essentially, the coolers stop the important bits of your car going bang while you're hammering around the track of your choice.

For now it's US only, though Ford UK could import a limited number, as Chevrolet has done with the Camaro.

Seeing a pretty 'normal' car (in the US at least) with that amount of power does show how far performance engineering has come on over the last decade. In 2004 the Aston Martin Vanquish S was released with 514bhp. In 2011 a Mustang has 650bhp. Does this mean that in 20 years a 'boggo' Ford Focus will have 250bhp, while the ST has 500? Just a thought...