Lauda: McLaren faster than Red Bull


Niki Lauda is convinced that McLaren are faster than Red Bull Racing in Abu Dhabi. Yet Sebastian Vettel still managed to claim pole position thanks to a scintillating personal performance.

Lauda was full of admiration for the way the German driver took pole position in Abu Dhabi. "That was the best qualifying lap yet that we have seen from Vettel," said the three-time F1 world champion. "I've never seen a lap like it, and executed with such perfection too. It is solely down to Vettel's performance that Red Bull are on pole position in Abu Dhabi."

"I reckon that McLaren are one to two tenths faster than Red Bull," Lauda continues, "but thanks to that tour de force from Vettel, his team are once again in P1." Despite the current world champion having notched up his 14th pole of the season, Lauda believes that victory is far from assured: "Qualifying and the race itself are two different propositions. I think that McLaren will be very strong tomorrow. Consequently, I wouldn't like to predict the outcome of the race."