Rankin's Rolls-Royce: girls, girls, girls


Rolls-Royce and RankinMega-star snapper Rankin only takes pictures of the most beautiful things in the most stunning places. His work has been applauded all over the world. He also has a cool name.

For the last year he's been working with Rolls-Royce to take some snaps inspired by the brand's iconic 'Spirit of Ecstasy'. If you're not familiar with it, that's the lady on the top of the grille. His work, as you'll see in the gallery below, is stunning.

The project lasted a year, during which he took 100 pictures. His set, which explores the Spirit of Ecstasy in contemporary times, looks at a number of themes: power, the beauty of age, intrigue and mystery, and speed.

He used materials, fabrics and paint over a range of women from all over the world to create his images.

Of the 100 pictures, 80 will be on display in the Rankin Gallery in LA on November 17th, though that's for media and VIP types. But if you find yourself in LA on 18th-27th November you can see some of the pictures at the LA Auto Show.

Rolls-Royce and Rankin

Rolls-Royce and Rankin