Exclusive interview with Sebastian Vettel : Something very special


After his triumph in the inaugural Indian GP, Sebastian Vettel spoke to Autoblog UK about this first-time achievement.

Sebastian, that was an outstanding victory here in India. They are already celebrating you here like some sort of folk hero ...
Sebastian Vettel: Yes, it's obviously something very special to claim the first victory on a new track. It makes me proud to be the first winner here. The trophy is a really beautiful one as well. All in all, the race went well – it got off to a good start and ended with a victory.

This track is extraordinary – the country too. And I believe you've learnt a few words of Hindu?
Sebastian Vettel: Well, not much. It is simply good manners to at least learn how to say "Thank you" in the local language. I wouldn't say I've learned a lot, but I can manage a few phrases.

What are your plans for the next race? Will you be satisfied with nothing less than another victory?
Sebastian Vettel: I think we first have to see how competitive we are in Abu Dhabi. For the moment, though, we can be very happy and proud about today. It was really a very special feeling to win on a new circuit for the first time – especially with the great atmosphere here and all the enthusiasm for Formula One racing. For the moment, we'll just savour today's success, then we'll turn our minds to Abu Dhabi.

What you had to say about Marco and Dan struck a chord with your listeners...
Sebastian Vettel: Well as I said, there are mixed feelings today. On the one hand, I am very happy and we as a team can be very proud. On the other hand, we have to be very respectful at a time like this, and our thoughts are with Mark and Dan and their families. The most important thing is that we never forget our two colleagues.