Is this the best Bugatti Veyron replica yet?

Bugatti Veyron
Want a Bugatti Veyron? Well, even if you've managed to scrape together the million quid or so to get one on your driveway, you're going to be out of luck, as the last one rolled off the production line in June this year.

But don't be put off, because you could have your own replica built - and I think that the one in this video is the best yet.

Apart from the slightly odd angle of the nose, this BMW 6-Series does a passable impression of the Veyron. The 6-Series might be a quick car, but its 155mph doesn't really compare to the Bugatti's 253mph.

I particularly like the detailing of this replica, from the Bugatti badge on the grille to the fake 16:4 engine in the back.

Take a closer look at this Veyron replica below: