Lexus GS F Sport breaks cover but still looks like a Cylon


The new Lexus GS is a rather odd looking car. It's taken the new Lexus 'family face' to wide extremes and, oddly, looks like one of Battlestar Galactica's Cylons. But the new GS has a sportier sibling – the GS F Sport. And it looks like an angrier Cylon...

Psycho robot looks aside, the GS F sport adds not only some cosmetic tweaks into the mix, but also some suspension and handling changes.

Let's start with the looks – it's more aggressive. As we know – 'sport' means 'looks like it wants to rip your face off' not 'cuddly puppy', so we can forgive it that. Up front there's some jazzy mesh in the grilles, a new bumper design and larger side vents to keep it looking big, mean and wide. In the rear there's extra chrome on the lower bumper and a grey metallic finish to the bumper diffuser. There's also a rear spoiler, exclusive 19-inch allows (which are wider at the back of the car, just in case).

Inside there's an exclusive deep red upholstery (called Garnet), aluminium trim bits, black headlining, leather 'wheel and gear knob, 'F Sport' scuff plates and an 'F Sport' badge on the steering wheel.

Looks aren't everything, though. The GS F Sport has retuned suspension all round. Without going into huge, geeky detail – it'll handle better than the regular Lexus GS.

As well as retuned suspension, the GS F Sport comes with Lexus Dynamic Handling. In short it's got a four-wheel steer system, and is the first hybrid to have one. It doesn't mean you can literally parallel park your shiny new GS F Sport, but it does mean it'll corner more keenly. Always a bonus.

The F Sport will be unveiled at the SEMA auto show on November 1st. Let's just hope it doesn't achieve sentience and try to take over the world...