Feel the power - UK wide EV charging network launched


Plans for a nationwide electric vehicle, or EV, home charging network have been launched.

Pioneered by EV charging specialist Chargemaster, the Polar scheme could mean affordable home charging for your EV, as well as charging on the go making range anxiety a thing of the past.
Chargemaster will bolt an EV charging box to your garage wall for £95, including a full safety check. From then on it will set you back anywhere between £19.50 and £39.50 on a two year contract – Chargemaster still reckon that this will be significantly cheaper than the £1,000 a year it costs to charge an EV conventionally though.

Alongside the home chargning points, Chargemaster have plans to install a charging net countrywide with electricity top-up points in busy urban locations like NCPs and Waitrose.

Your two year contract won't cover you for topping up your power outside the home though. It'll set you back a further 95p per charge while your out and about, but still, if you're low on go, 95p to get you home won't break the bank.

If you're thinking of buying an EV (you'll want to be quick as the £5,000 government subsidy runs out next March) then you'll be able to sign up for the scheme when you collect your EV, too.

Renault, Vauxhall and Nissan are all confirmed as Polar scheme partners while Peugeot, Mitsubishi and Citroen are likely to follow on soon.

Transport minister Philip Hammond said: "Today's announcement by Chargemaster is exactly the kind of private-sector-led initiative that we need to drive the development of our national recharging infrastructure."

True enough, but why should we have to rely on the private sector to boost our emissions-friendly vehicle market, especially when the treasury constantly insists on hitting the motorist where it hurts?