Massive Nurburgring pile-up (partly) caught on tape


Last weekend saw a spectacular pileup on the famous Nurburgring Nordschleife circuit, involving eight high-performance cars, half of them BMWs.

According to reports, one driver was hospitalised with serious injuries, and property damage alone is estimated at around £85,000.

A video has just emerged showing the aftermath of the crash, in which a damaged 911 can clearly be seen straddling the road from a camera mounted on the rear parcel shelf of a car doing the circuit.

There's around ten minutes of footage to sift through before the car reaches the crash site, but after passing the Porsche, the camera catches some of the pileup.

At around 10:32 on the video, a BMW 'Ring Taxi' can be seen hitting an E36 BMW M3 in the melee of cars that have slowed down to avoid the accident, which happened on a section of the track undergoing maintenance work.

According to Nurburgring fan site Bridge to Gantry, a sign had been placed at the end of a high-speed corner, warning about a coned-off, speed-restricted area.

However, the corner, called Bergwerk Turn, is notoriously fast and on the crest of a hill, forcing drivers to slow from 120mph to 30mph while turning.

Police say that the accident happened because four cars driving at high speed couldn't slow down quickly enough over the crest.

It's been suggested that better sign placement could have prevented it, especially given it happened on a 'public day' at the circuit, in which any driver can pay to take their car onto the notoriously difficult track.