Car swallowed by enormous pothole


It's bad enough denting an alloy on a pothole - so imagine the pain of losing your entire car in one?

That's what happened to this poor driver on the A320 between Woking and Chertsey as the whole road suddenly opened up beneath her.

Flick through the gallery below to see the result of being in the wrong place at the wrong time; it's amazing nobody drowned.

Car swallowed by huge pothole

Car swallowed by huge pothole

The gaping hole was formed when a water pipe burst and caused the road surface underneath it to collapse, leaving a five-foot deep super pothole.

According to witnesses quoted in the Daily Mail, the unnamed driver of the Vauxhall Meriva heard strange noises and felt the car begin to sink, or "absorb into the road," as one person put it.

The driver got out, but within moments the car was sinking into a huge hole as the soil beneath the asphalt eroded. The burst pipe soon began filling the cabin with water.

Gordon Foat saw the aftermath. He said: "Apparently a woman was driving along and heard a noise so she got out of her car to check it, and that's when it happened."

The road, which is very near McLaren's Woking HQ, was closed by police while the car was pulled from the hole. Repairs are underway.

Police Inspector Roger Nield confirmed that the closure had "gridlocked the traffic."

That would suit us: we'd rather sit in a traffic queue on the road than be actually in the road.