Man builds life-sized Mustang...from paper

Paper Ford Mustang
Jonathan Brand sold his first Mustang to buy his girlfriend's engagement ring. So, when he could afford another one he wanted it to be as close to his original as possible.

As many enthusiast types do, Jonathan decided to build his dream car himself – but instead of getting his hands dirty, he got them all cut up.

That's because he built the car entirely from paper. The amazing replica 'Stang is built to meticulous standards and detail, with even interior parts like the steering wheel, rear view mirror and door cards faithfully replicated. Oh, and the engine too.

The project is even more impressive by virtue of the fact that it's based "on my memory and a few photographs," according to Jonathan, a Canadian artist.

The car's official title as an artwork is 'One Piece at a Time' in reference to the Johnny Cash song about a Detroit car factory worker who builds a Cadillac out of parts he's stolen from the assembly line.

It starts life as a 3D model on a computer, before every piece is printed, cut by hand, folded and glued "like a three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle."

The resulting 1969 Mustang is stunning. It even has paper spark plugs, and the rims and tyres (complete with Pirelli logos) are separate; we wonder whether it would have been easier just to restore the real thing?

We also wonder whether Jonathan's girlfriend will whip this one away from him too - paper is a traditional gift for a first or second wedding anniversary. Surely not again...

Life-size paper Mustang

Life-size paper Mustang