Video: Do tri this at home


There are no engines involved in this short video, but we thought it awesome enough to highlight nonetheless.

Three intrepid young souls tackle a mountain road on a trio of trikes that appear to be little more than oversized versions of the ones we recall using to hurtle around the garden as kids.

Something that certainly haven't been upgraded are the brakes, as the freewheeling threewheelers have to rely on the Fred Flintstone method of slowing down: shoving their feet down to the tarmac. It inevitably takes its toll on their shoes, which they show off at one point.

Going by the speedo on the car that is keeping pace with the trikers, they reach speeds of around 55mph – a fair velocity when your backside is six inches from the road.

Have a look at the video to decide for yourself whether you are brave enough to give the downhill run a go. In any case, maximum respect to those that did.