New Vauxhall 'could revolutionise urban transport'


This racy looking thing could actually be whirring past your inner city luxury apartment soon, if Vauxhall is telling the truth.

The zero emissions electric city slicker will be Vauxhall's star at the Frankfurt Motor Show, and the company reckons it "has production potential."

Granted, that doesn't mean much if you think about it – a hoverboard 'has production potential' – but there's nothing wrong with a little corporate showboating.

Let's hope Vauxhall is being serious though, because we already want one. The as-yet-unnamed city car has a 60-mile range on its battery pack and can hit 75mph, "making even the odd motorway trip feasible."

It has a tandem layout, putting one passenger behind the driver, and it weighs about one third of a normal city car.

Vauxhall, whose parent company GM has its own take on the future of urban transport, says that if it makes production it will be "low cost" so as to appeal to teenage drivers. Get saving, kids.