Government to relax MoT rules despite concerns?


Annual MoT tests could be a thing of the past, despite fears of an increased number of deaths and injuries, if a Government plan comes into force.

Under the new plan, new cars would need an MoT after four years; cars under ten years would only need an MoT every two years, with only vehicles over 10-years-old needing an annual check.

However, a study commissioned by the government appears to undermine this plan, saying that the move would be 'likely to have adverse road safety consequences.'

Vehicle defects account for three per cent of road accidents according to The Transport Research Laboratory, with motoring groups fearing that biannual checks will cause an extra 55 deaths on British roads every year.

With over 23 million MoT tests taking place each year, garages have also condemned this proposal, claiming jobs will be lost as repair work to get vehicles through the test will fall off.

Despite all the arguments against, apparently the Department for Transport is still keen to push ahead with these changes.