Honda releases image of new CR-V


Honda has revealed the first image of the new generation of its CR-V.

At the moment it is just in concept form, but it gives a strong hint to the look of the SUV that is due to arrive in Europe in autumn 2012.

Although described as a concept, a Honda spokesperson said that traditionally such cars are close to the model that finally goes on sale, albeit with a few minor tweaks.

Expect next year's production car to share the CR-V Concept's more rounded rear end, sleeker and more aggressive front grille and more sculpted bonnet.

Honda also says that it will feature more efficient engines compared to the current car, as the company aims to improve the fuel economy of its new product range.

While the CR-V Concept is set to appear at the Orange County motor show in California in September this year, it is not due to arrive at any European shows until next year, with Geneva the most likely first destination.