Auto Trader launches new iPad app


Auto Trader has released a new application for the iPad that could prove rather expensive for many car fans. Even though it is free to download the app, the draw of idly searching for wanted but unneeded metal while watching The Apprentice is bound to get even stronger.

It has a completely different look to the company's standard website, and is very image focussed rather than throwing blocks of text at you.

Should you wish to compare the relative merits of a five-year-old hot hatchback against a 20-year-old Italian supercar then you can select four different models in a 'garage' function.

On top of the pictures, there is all the usual technical detail that you would find on the standard site, and if you chose to take the plunge and act on your late night urges then you can email the seller directly from the application.

"Our main objective was to retain the essential search element of Auto Trader and yet enhance and redefine the user experience for iPad users," said Nick Gee, director of mobile at Auto Trader. "We recognise that iPad users can happily use the website or the iPhone app, but simply repurposing those platforms doesn't take advantage of the iPad's potential."

Watch a demonstration of the app in action below.