New taxi app lets you hail a cab from your living room


We've all been there – that one last drink for the road lasts a bit longer than hoped and all of a sudden the last bus/train/tube has gone and you are stuck miles from home.

Now a new iPhone application means you need not be left trying to find which table leg the host's tatty copy of the Yellow Pages is propping up when you want to find a taxi number.

In fact, the latest offering from the Kabbee firm means it doesn't even matter if you've lost the contents of your wallet in any late night games of poker. It will not only find the closest and cheapest minicab, it will also let you pay for the ride home through your phone.

The service needs you to register and enter your credit card details and has signed up 4,000 licensed minicabs so far. It is currently limited to taxi cabs in the London area, and is only for iPhone users, although there are plans to roll it out to Android and Blackberry phones in the near future.

The Kabbee app is not the only one that uses the iPhone's inbuilt location-determining technology, as there are also ones from the likes of LDNtaxiApp and upmarket London firm Addison Lee, but this is appears to be the widest ranging so far.

All three apps are available to download for free from Apple's itunes store.