Goodwood track closed after Volvo crash at Moving Motor show


The Goodwood Moving Motor Show ground to a halt today after a member of the public crashed a Volvo during a test drive.

Driving a C30 T5 Polestar, the driver lost control on the famous hill climb, crashing into the hay bales at the tough Molecombe left hand bend.

The driver, who was unhurt in the crash, was accompanied by a Volvo representative when the accident happened.

Both airbags went off and the front end of the car was severely damaged. The track was closed for 20 minutes while marshals fixed the run off area and test drives were suspended.

"It was down to driver error," said a spokesman for Volvo, adding: "The car did its job safety-wise and neither the driver or passenger was injured, just shaken up.

"Both the airbags went off and the car was badly damaged. We don't know yet whether it is a write off but it was certainly in a bad way. It was significantly damaged."

Last year a member of the public crashed a Honda at the Goodwood Moving Motor Show after fainting at the wheel. A spokesman for Goodwood said that although the incidents were unfortunate they would not stop members of the public getting behind the wheel of cars at the event in future.

"Nobody was hurt in the incident which closed the track for 20 minutes," the spokesman told Autoblog. "It's a tricky corner and took a little while to fix. It's a notorious bend so we've got a decent amount of hay bales staggered there.

"Motorsport can be dangerous - it says that on the back of the tickets - and these things do happen. It's just fortunate no one was hurt."

The spokesman added that the accident would not stop Goodwood letting the public drive up the hill in anger, adding: "Driving up the hill, with the hay bales all around, on a track which F1 drivers and TT winners will be frequenting too, is very special. We will not stop letting the public experience that in the future."