Video: Sky high donuts but is this BMW ad for real?


Ok, now this video of high-rise donuts is jaw-droppingly cool and pretty hairy at the same time but it also raises the question - are we being taken for suckers?

Just a couple of weeks ago, BMW Canada released the first of a series of viral videos - BMW 1M vs Concrete Walls - which fast became YouTube's most popular car video. But they appear to have gone one better with their latest effort - BMW 1M vs Helipad.

The footage is of the BMW 1M being driven round the world's tallest (building-based) helipad, perched at the top of the US Bank Tower in Los Angeles. Impressive filming and all that, but what CGI tricks are being played out?

Make your own mind up after you've watched the video and also click on 'Concrete walls' below for the first in the series.

One question to finish with: if 'Helipad' is real, would the driver really bother wearing that helmet? We reckon that's the last thing he'd be worried about if he took a flier.