Over 1,000 classics head to Enfield for the Pageant


With over 1,000 vintage, classic, custom and American cars, the Enfield Pagent of Motoring has to be one of the biggest car shows in the UK.

It also happens to be close to Collins HQ, so I decided to hit the road and see what all the fuss was about.

First thoughts when I arrived at the Enfield Playing Fields site is the sheer size of this event. Sprawled across a wide area, the right-hand side was devoted to clubs, with the majority of popular and less popular marques represented.

The centre of the show was filled with the main tent, with live music going for most of the day and an excellent selection of classic American metal. The left-hand side of the field was taken over by the funfair, a good selection of take-away food and for those looking for that missing part, a massive autojumble and traders area.

As you'll see from the gallery below, there was a great selection of cars that would suit all enthusiasts. However, other attractions such as the funfair, live music, Jet trike and traders would keep the rest of the family entertained. See you there next year.