Skoda unleashes 200mph Octavia on Bonneville


Skoda is set to celebrate 10 years of its performance vRS badge by revealing a special, one-off Octavia that is capable of a staggering 200mph.

Built in Milton Keynes of all places, the modified Octavia will appear at the Bonneville Speed Week near Salt Lake City in Utah in August when it will aim to get past the magical speed barrier.

Amazingly Skoda says the car is essentially a factory-fresh production Octavia, although it has been modified 'slightly' to help it achieve a little more than the standard 149mph top speed.

Its ride height has been dropped by a massive 80mm, and gets a few hefty tweaks to the engine. Although Skoda says it is the same 2.0-litre TSI petrol engine as the normal car, it gets a massively upgraded turbocharger that boosts its power up to 592bhp. It also uses high-octane race fuel that is composed of a water ethanol mix rather than standard petrol.

The car is entered into the 2.0-litre production car category, and will do a nine-mile run with the middle section being timed to determine the winner.

Robert Hazelwood, director for Skoda UK, said: "The 10-year relationship between the UK and the vRS badge has been extremely successful. This is a landmark anniversary and going to Bonneville is a fitting tribute. It's also an ambitious project which might surprise a few people, but Škoda is all about engineering excellence and this car is pushing that to new limits."