Paddock gossip from Monaco


There were wild scenes at the victory celebrations in the Energy Station for Sebastian Vettel's Monaco GP win. Seb was not the only one to end up in the pool: Christian Horner, Adrian Newey, David Coulthard and Eddie Jordan shared the same fate. Papa Norbert Vettel took the title of Cannonball King for his derriere-first diving technique. Most prominent for his absence from the jolly japes was Mark Webber...

A drive-through penalty during the race and a subsequent 20-second time penalty – the net result of Lewis Hamilton's aggressive driving in Monaco. The McLaren man hit back at the race stewards: "It's an absolute fricking joke."

Lewis Hamilton's gaffes in the post-race interviews were obviously an embarrassment for McLaren too. It wasn't just his reference to skin colour ("Maybe it's because I'm black") that caused offence: he was also seen to be unnecessarily aggressive on camera with reporter Kai Ebel. Usually, McLaren distribute recordings of both drivers to the media, but this time, they only sent the one with Jenson Button.

Christian Danner went along to the celebrations in the Red Bull garage and found out that race winner Sebastian Vettel had a minor problem – namely that he didn't have a smart suit for the Prince's Dinner. "Which I can well understand, because it's the sort of thing that could happen to me", said Danner. "If you're not really the suit-wearing type, you quite likely won't have your one and only outfit with you when you need it."

With five wins from six races, Sebastian Vettel appears to be cruising towards his second successive title. There are another 13 races to go, however, so the championship is by no means in the bag. Yet there is one Irish bookie who has already paid out on all bets for Vettel to retain his title. He could still come to regret it...