Are these really the best car films of all time?


The Italian Job is the greatest car movie of all time, according to a new survey.

Best remembered for Michael Caine's bemusement and a 20-minute Mini chase, the continental Brit flick beat an otherwise all-American list to the number one spot.

UK's top ten car films of all time

UK's top ten car films of all time

The list was compiled by Honda who canvassed the UK public's votes to stock its forthcoming 'Saturday Night at the Drive In' events with prospective film titles.

Dealerships around the country will play host to VIP screenings of the films chosen by the public to promote its involvement in the British Touring Car Championship.

It's a neat enough idea, but looking at what's been nominated, Honda would probably have done better picking the titles themselves.

Somehow (and we're assuming this is because it's the only 'car' movie most women can think to name) high school musical, Grease is at number two on the line-up.

Quite how that's going to sit with hardcore BTCC fans we don't know. Thelma and Louise is also a strange choice. For sure the feminist road movie has cars in it, but a car movie it isn't.

Of course the same could be said for crime thrillers, Bullitt and The French Connection, but both are so unassailably cool that they'd make our list in a heartbeat.

As would Smoky and the Bandit and the Cannonball Run, both comedy classics. However, we'd rather slice open our eyeballs than watch Herbie drive himself around in The Love Bug.

So if you fancy a night at the drive in with Honda, pick your time and place carefully. Here is the full top ten for your delectation.

Let us know your choice in our highly unscientific survey as well and if you've got other ideas for the best car movie, leave us a message below.

1 The Italian Job

2 Grease

3 Blues Brothers

4 The Fast and the Furious

5 Thelma and Louise

6 Smokey and the Bandit

7 The Love Bug

8 Bullitt

9 The Cannonball Run

10 The French Connection